2012 Delcy Award – Residential Bath Over $60K (Wynnewood, PA)

Project Description:

Our client’s home did not have a formal master bathroom or walk-in closet accessible directly from the main bedroom. The existing bathroom was located at the far end of the hallway and the spaces were only accessible by leaving the main room. Both spaces were cramped, dark & outdated. Our client wanted to create a “master suite” environment without taking valuable space from the existing hallway and bedroom. At the same time, they wanted the guest bedroom to have access to the bathroom. Realizing the confines of the existing hallway and bedroom, we developed a design that was practical, functional & beautiful. Our client was concerned about the dark hallway, so we added a glass door to allow light from the bathroom window. Due to space limitations we suggested a tub shower enclosure with a nice deep cast iron tub. While we would have preferred slightly different location for the toilet, we limited to confines of the existing plumbing stack; we suggested they add a half plantation shutter for privacy. Our client wanted an open feeling, so we added a glass tub panel by the secondary entrance. They did not want a shower curtain or full enclosure, so added a custom hinged splash panel. Lastly, our client wanted to create a beautiful space with upgraded finishes.

2012 Delcy Award - Residential Bath Over $60K (Wynnewood, PA)